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Kenneth J. Slater - President

Mr. Slater obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Pure Mathematics and Physics in 1960 and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering in 1962, both at the University of Sydney, Australia. He also received a Master of Applied Science degree in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo in Ontario , Canada in 1974.  He has more than fifty years of experience in the energy and utility industries in the United States , Canada and Australia .

When he founded Slater Consulting in 1990, Ken Slater undertook to provide the company’s services to all participants in the electricity and utility industries.  As a consequence, he quickly developed a practice serving non-utility generators, initially in Qualifying Facility (“QF”) matters such as avoided costs, curtailment, contracting and revenue forecasting.  As deregulation and generation competition moved into the electricity industry and the non-utility generation industry moved into wholesale generation, Ken Slater applied his system modeling expertise to the dispatch of regional (ISO & RTO) systems, forecasting of market prices and the forecasting of revenues for individual generators.  As well as supporting the business decisions of generators, Ken has used his regional modeling expertise to analyze a variety of matters associated with the dispatch of large systems, such as replacement power costs resulting from significant outages and fuel shortages, impact of transmission limitations, contract adherence, and asset valuation.  A number of these analyses have been presented before regulatory commissions, state and federal courts and arbitration panels.       

Prior to founding Slater Consulting, Mr. Slater was Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer at Energy Management Associates, Inc. ( EMA ) in Atlanta , where he worked from 1983 to 1990. At EMA , after initially contributing to the firm's utility software development functions, he became the head of its consulting practice, leading or making significant contributions to a number of consulting engagements related to valuation or analysis of power supplies and power supply contracts, supply/demand planning, damages assessments, operating reserve requirements, replacement power cost calculations, utility merger valuations, operational integration of utility systems, power pooling, system reliability, ratemaking, power dispatching and gas supply studies.  From 1969 until 1983, he worked in the Canadian utility industry, initially at Ontario Hydro, where he headed the Production Development Section of the utility's Operating Department. There he developed computer models, including one which, for more than 20 years, produced the daily generation schedules for the Ontario Hydro system, and another, the original PROMOD, which was used for coordination and optimization of production planning and resource management. Subsequently, he worked as Manager of Engineering at the Ontario Energy Board (the utility regulatory commission) and as Research Director for the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning.

From 1976 to 1983, Mr. Slater ran his own firm, Slater Energy Consultants, Inc., in Toronto , Canada and consulted widely in Canada and the United States for utilities, governments, public inquiry commissions, utility customers and other consulting firms. It was during this time and his time at EMA that he was a major developer of PROMOD III ® (now renamed PROMOD IV®), a widely recognized electric utility planning and reliability model.

Prior to 1969, Mr. Slater was employed by the Electricity Commission of New South Wales, the largest electric utility in Australia , where he was responsible for the day-to-day operation of one of the six regions comprising that system.

Mr. Slater has presented expert testimony in regulatory proceedings in California , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Idaho , Indiana , Iowa , Louisiana , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , Nova Scotia , Ontario , Pennsylvania , Prince Edward Island , South Carolina , Texas , Virginia and Wisconsin , and at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  As well as providing opinion to the Surface Transportation Board, he has also appeared in United States Federal Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court, State courts in Florida , Missouri , Nebraska , Texas and Virginia , and in civil arbitration proceedings in Connecticut , Georgia , Louisiana , Nevada , Pennsylvania and Texas .  Mr. Slater also served on many occasions as an expert examiner for a Royal Commission in Ontario , which was inquiring into the electric power planning in the Province of Ontario .

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