Monique L. Slater
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Monique L. Slater - Senior Consultant

Monique Slater earned a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honors) in Materials Science and Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 1991. In 2002, she received a Master of Business Administration from Loyola College in Maryland. She joined Slater Consulting in 1993. Highlights of her consulting assignments include the following:


bulletDevelopment and evaluation of avoided costs in the New York Power Pool (NYPP)
bulletDispatch and energy pricing analyses in the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL), NYPP, PJM Interconnection (PJM), and Ontario
bulletOperational planning analyses for individual generating resources in NEPOOL, NYPP, PJM, FRCC, and Entergy
bulletDevelopment of replacement power costs for the Cooper and Millstone 3 nuclear units in support of litigation proceedings
bulletDevelopment of PROMOD III/IV databases and analysis of results for:
bulletMarket forecasts and civil litigation
bulletAssisting generating companies that are buying/selling assets
bulletAssisting generating companies that are building new plants
bulletAssisting generating companies with managing existing plants
bulletPreparation of trial exhibits

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